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Global Leadership Summit ScheduleGlobal Leadership Summit Schedule
(posted Aug 13, 2014)


Middle School Open HouseMiddle School Open House
(posted Aug 13, 2014)
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4th & 5th Grade Camp Update4th & 5th Grade Camp Update
(posted Aug 01, 2014)
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Plan now for 2015 international mission trips!Plan now for 2015 international mission trips!
(posted Aug 18, 2014)
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Table Fellowship in the Gospels (Pastor's Blog): Table Fellowship in the Gospels
(posted Aug 21, 2014)
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  • Prayer
    God bless you all-please pray for good health and guidance for all! Amen!
  • Prayer
    Please pray for healing and employment opportunities.
  • Prayer
    Please pray for loved ones & health recovery.
  • Prayer
    Please pray for clarity about work and for myself for physical healing. I have been sick since July. Thank you.


Gardening Team (Community Feed): Gardening Team
(posted Aug 05, 2014)

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Ready to get involved? (Missions): Ready to get involved?
(posted Aug 08, 2014)
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As you can see, there are always lots of things going on around here! Please let us know if we can help you find a place to get involved!