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2014 Easter Services2014 Easter Services
(posted Apr 03, 2014)
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What’s been happening in our Student Minsitries…What’s been happening in our Student Minsitries…
(posted Apr 16, 2014)
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Talking to your kids about tithingTalking to your kids about tithing
(posted Feb 18, 2014)
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And the winner is…...And the winner is…...
(posted Mar 29, 2014)
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Pathway of Discovery (Pastor's Blog): Pathway of Discovery
(posted Apr 14, 2014)
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  • Prayer
    Praise for beautiful music by choir.
  • Prayer
    Praise for powerful service and pray for more blessings for this church.
  • Prayer
    Prayers for God's protection and peace.
  • Prayer
    Pray for upcoming marriage of family member.


DPS awards ceremony at CCoF (Community Feed): DPS awards ceremony at CCoF
(posted Apr 10, 2014)
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It’s all about water… (Missions): It’s all about water…
(posted Feb 18, 2014)
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