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Read about the history of CCoF

In 1979, God called Pastor Jim Dorman to the ministry - he attended Manhattan Christian College where he received his Bachelors in Bible Ministry. He has since received a Masters in Congregational Leadership from Hope International University. In 1984, while serving as a youth counselor at a summer camp in Prescott, he felt God was calling him to begin a new work in Flagstaff. He returned to Phoenix, where he served on the ministry staff of Christ's Church of the Valley, shared his thoughts with his wife and Don Wilson (pastor of Christ's Church of the Valley), and within a few weeks he was checking out the possibility in Flagstaff.

Working with a family he had met at camp, Jim and Vicki Higham, Jim met with other families in Flagstaff and shared the vision God had placed upon his heart. One family became two, two became four, and before long there was enough interest in Flagstaff to begin this new work.

On November 4, 1984, Christ's Church of Flagstaff was born. We started with a family of about 20 people in a storefront office/church on Milton Rd. It had a lovely view of the Wendy's (now Carl's Jr.) dumpster.

By 1987 we had so many families that we couldn't fit in the Milton storefront and so we moved to the Knoles Elementary School Gym for services. The staff expanded and so we moved our offices to a Fourth Street location.

In 1991 we merged with First Christian Church and moved into their facility on Cedar Ave. Things got tight in that building and we knew we would need to find a bigger place for our family to live. We asked our people to help us finance the purchase of a permanent facility. They were faithful and we purchased the land on Soliere Ave.

Having purchased the Soliere property prior to the merger, CCoF dedicated the land to God's purposes in 1993 and continued forward with plans for Phase I of our current facility.

In June of 1995 Phase I was complete! We now had a building that would take at least 5 years to outgrow ... or so we thought. It was less than 5 months later that our new building was full. This was something that we had not anticipated happening as quickly as it did.

Busting at the seams, we moved forward with the next phase of our facility. With the full support of our congregation we were able to begin construction on and complete Phase II of our building, which is where we are currently meeting.

In 2003 we went to our congregation with a model of the final Master Plan for this property (Phase III) and they committed $1.2M to this project. However, God had other plans.

Just before we began construction on the planned Phase III, our neighboring church, Canyon Chapel approached us with an offer to sell us their building. This was an answer to prayer. The twelve adjoining acres will allow us to expand this ministry to its maximum physical capacity.

The youth now occupy the West Campus, previously Canyon Chapel. It has been completely remodeled to fit their needs for a vibrant youth ministry that is relevant to the culture they are trying to reach for Christ. The former Youth Auditorium has now become the Children's Auditorium. Children's Worship for 1st-6th grades utilizes a high energy interactive curriculum called KidMo. All three auditoriums have had updated lighting and sound technology installed. This will allow us to have greater options in presentations for weekends, concerts and special events.

God has continued to bless this ministry and we are now meeting in the second phase of our master plan. We pray we will continue to understand His will for our ministry and continue to partner with Him in reaching our Flagstaff community for Christ.

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